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Our contracts and policies are designed to treat business relationships as valuable, and help avoid pitfalls by spelling out clear, shared expectations.

Here are some links and Q & A's regarding our policies and contracts.

Web development & hosting agreement

About this Agreement
  • Why the two bundled together?

    When we take on building a website for a new client, the client also commits to webhosting with us. It's a package deal and that has to be recognised in the Agreement from the start.

  • Who wrote the Agreement?

    Our web development & hosting agreement was professionally drafted by Legalvision. There is huge variety & complexity in the projects that this agreement has to cover. Legalvision did an amazing job to bring it together.

    Nonetheless, after some months, we had found that the lawyers' version wasn't as straightforward in practice as we needed:

    • for clients to comprehend
    • for us to comprehend, and
    • to customise for each project.

  • Can't we just shake hands?

    Website design is an area where things can go badly amiss. There's vast potential for different expectations & misunderstandings between developer and client. Many business owners don't have much experience or knowledge of web development. Industry jargon is loosely defined.

    'Hosting' is also a very general term; what you get isn't always what you expect.

    Here are a few tricky curves that need to be negotiated:

    • What is a 'website'? Do you expect an empty structure? A complete, ready-to-go product? Or only certain webpages completed?
    • Who owns copyright on custom-developed code?
    • If you don't like everything we produce, but it works, should you still have to pay the full amount?
    • How many re-edits are fair within the agreed price?
    • When is a website finished? The answer for many websites would be 'never'; there is always more that can be done! But a web developer usually receives final payment 'on completion', so that needs to be defined somehow.
    • What if a client publishes material on their website that is false, or breaches copyright, or which we as the hosting provider perceive as very harmful? How do we balance clients' freedom of speech & hosting provider's freedom of conscience?
  • How does it work?

    Current clients

    You will receive a tailored Schedule 30 days before your next hosting invoice is due. The Schedule will set out:

    The email will also have a reminder link to the Terms & Conditions.

    New clients

    When you start a website project or hosting with SuttonNet, you will receive:

    1. our Web Development & Hosting Terms and Conditions. This document sets out our general terms of service. It applies throughout the whole time (Term) that you host your website or email with SuttonNet;
    2. a covering Schedule, perhaps with attached project Specifications. These are tailored for the project. They spell out the parties involved, description of the project, timelines, costs and any materials that you need to provide;
    3. an acceptance form (Execution) signed by us and with space for your signature.


    You indicate your acceptance via signature, via payment by the due date or via a brief return email. (The legal team hoped you would sign the Execution, but we didn't believe that was realistic for small projects. Hence they drafted a flexible Acceptance clause.)

    If you ask us to do other work later on, eg to upgrade your website or host another domain: we simply send you a new Schedule (with attached specifications if needed). For major projects, we'll include an acceptance form.

View our development & hosting agreement

Web Development and Webhosting Terms & Conditions (draft)

Schedule proforma (draft)

Execution proforma

As promised in the Terms & Conditions, we explain our Acceptable Webpage Content policy in more detail on this website.

This Agreement applies:

  • to new contracts commenced after 1 June 2021; and
  • to the next cycle of all ongoing hosting and Bizazz licence services, from 1 June 2021.

If we need to update our Agreement, we'll give you 30 days' notice of the change by email.

Other terms

What about our other services?

Domain names and security certificates and other IT work: updated terms & conditions are being prepared right now.

Webpage content services: are covered by the development & hosting agreement above.

Privacy & confidentiality: we often have access to clients' business data, confidential plans and customer & sales records.

Privacy & Confidentiality policy