Bizazz FAQs

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  • Lost username or password

    Ring or email us. We can quickly look up the username or set up a new password. (SuttonNet does not store clients' passwords in readable format.)

    If feasible, we will ring you to tell you the new password, rather than emailing it. The fewer places your password is recorded in, the more secure it is.

  • I've forgotten how to log in

    It's all explained in the Bizazz manual, in the first chapter or two. Check the table of contents.

  • I need to create access to Bizazz for a new staff member

    If you have access to the Users section of the Bizazz menu, you can add new users yourself. Follow the instructions in the manual, so that they have access to the right facilities and so that usernames &c are set up consistently. Then contact us to arrange training.

    Otherwise: email us with:

    1. the new user's name;
    2. their contact email address & phone;
    3. what areas of the website they need to access;
    4. best days/times for face to face, online (video call) or phone training.

    We'll set up a new user ID and set up a training appointment.


  • Lost or incomplete order, or a customer can't manage the order process

    If you act quickly, all is not lost. Recent orders are often traceable from the server logs. But the logs are only kept for a few days. So if you suspect a problem with the Bizazz records, don't delay: contact us asap.

    If a customer rings with problems in ordering online, find out all you can: what they did, what happened (error message? order details disappeared?), the system they are using, time/date of the order (so we can check the log). You can take a phone order or enter the details online on their behalf.

    Lost, incomplete or failed orders occasionally happen when:

    • someone accidentally deletes an order within Bizazz;
    • Internet connection drops out mid-order, eg connection to the customer's bank is unavailable;
    • a customer does something so unexpected and unpredictable in the process of ordering, that this crashes the system;
    • an error in the ecommerce system comes to light;
    • updates to browsers & other software don't work in with our system;
    • a customer has poor eyesight, a ruinously old browser or a bad hair day.
  • I need to change my payment details

    Email your update to SuttonNet. We will update payment page, checkout and invoices (email/PDF), and let you know when it's complete. You can't access these yourself to edit them, because there's a risk that your editing could break the system.

    For minor changes there is usually no fee. We issue an invoice for items like a new payment gateway, a credit card surcharge or other substantial changes.

Photos & videos

There's much to understand about website images, from tricky page layouts to file compression and photo quality.

We recommend you use the Bizazz photo processor for loading images whenever possible. It helps you to size all photos consistently and match them to the right folders. That's important for ecommerce product photos, image sliders & photo galleries.

  • Do I need to install extra software for the Bizazz photo processor?

    To use the Bizazz photo processor to process and load photos, svg's or other images, you need OpenJDK installed on your computer. Formerly we helped clients to download Oracle Java, but due to licensing changes, OpenJDK is now the better option for most of you.

    1. Check if the OpenJDK software is already installed on your computer.
    2. If you do need to install it: make sure you only download genuine software from the official OpenJDK website.
    3. On a Mac, it can be a challenge after installation to find where the program has been installed.
    4. Ask us for help if you need it.
  • Will I need to pay for a Java licence?

    There is a free licence option at time of writing. Third party software ownership and licence conditions change from time to time.

    • OpenJDK is free to use;
    • Java software licence conditions changed in April 2019. Many of our clients would be liable for a small commercial licence fee (payable each month, if you use the photo processor regularly). This fee is per computer that uses Oracle Java for business purposes.

    Java's owner Oracle is entitled to protect their intellectual property. You need to abide by licence conditions for all third party software that your website uses.

    Your options are:

    1. To load photos yourself: use OpenJDK (free). If you choose to use Oracle Java, check the licence conditions carefully; or
    2. Ask SuttonNet to load your photos for you; we have OpenJDK installed. Usual hourly content rates apply; or use Webpages+ for discount rates.

    Never download 'Java' free from anywhere other than the real OpenJDK or Oracle Java website. You'll risk infecting your computer with malware.

  • What about other ways to load photos to my website?

    For one or two images: you can use your own photo processing software to adjust and compress the images, then upload these files to the website using the Insert Photo function in the Bizazz webpage editor. (See the manual.)

    • This is slower than the Bizazz processor.
    • You'll need to know the exact photo size that you want for the webpage.
    • It's trickier to create a thumbnail + large photo pair.

    What about the old method of using File Transfer Protocol (FTP)? FTP does not encrypt data in transit and it lacks the advantages of the Bizazz processor, especially for managing bulk photos.

    There is a secure form of FTP called (wait for it) SFTP. We haven't found any SFTP software that works well for us and is straightforward for clients to use.

  • How do I add videos?

    Videos are very useful marketing tools. They are also data-heavy, therefore they are slow to load. Your webpages will suffer from poorer loading times if you add videos to them indiscriminately.That counts against your site in search engine rankings. And people often abandon a website that they think is 'too slow'.

    Video is best put up on Youtube, Bitchute or similar site with a link to it from your website, and with a link to your website on the Youtube/Bitchute/etc page. That creates an extra route to your website, which can draw in more visitors.

    Last updated 14 December 2020