Your Website Domain: Don't Let it Expire

Domain registrations & renewals

There are many good reasons to register and renew your domains through SuttonNet.

1 Too many businesses fail to renew their domain names on time.

That means websites go down and emails no longer arrive. It's bad for business, bad for online reputation and bad for search engine rankings. And it need not happen.

2What goes wrong?

A .au domain is usually renewed every 2 years. In that time, a lot can change. An old email address has been cancelled & the registrar can't send renewals; or an employee who knew the domain account password has left.

Business owners can overlook the genuine invoices when they come.Domain registrars start sending renewal notices 90 days before a domain expires. You're not expecting a genuine notification then; it's easy to mistakenly send the notice to Junk (and train your mail software to 'junk' all emails from the same sender.) By the time you get 3 of these emails, you've learnt to ignore them too - and that's when your domain expires.

Genuine registrar invoices can be hard to distinguish from scam renewal emails.

3 How SuttonNet solves the domain dilemma

SuttonNet is a domain reseller. We provide domain name registrations and renewals to eligible businesses, organisations and individuals.

We do more for our clients than a domain registrar normally does. We act as domain managers, making life simpler for you.

  • We renew domains, update your domain records, transfer registrations to/from another business & register new domain names quickly and easily.
  • We keep up with changes to domain rules and help you understand their implications for your business/organisation.
  • We keep track of passwords & expiry dates, answer your queries and interact with the domain registrar on your behalf when needed.
  • You only need to respond to domain emails sent from SuttonNet's email address; no puzzling over similar-sounding company names and wondering if Domainz Australia is your real supplier or not.
  • We help clients with complex issues such as domain registration disputes.
  • We have ready access to your domain password any time we need it for hosting purposes.

Ask about our domain name service

Synergy Wholesale Pty Ltd acts as the preferred registrar for SuttonNet.

DP & WT Sutton t/a SuttonNet is still a domain name reseller for Domain Directors.

SuttonNet uses ethical and responsible practices in reselling and managing domains for our clients.

Last updated 26 May 2021