Maintenance Matters

The best website in the world won't stay that way for long, if no one maintains it. Here are some key points to help you make the most of your Bizazz content management system (cms).

Your business will need to spend some ongoing time &/or dollars on its website. Otherwise, you'll waste some of your initial investment.

How much maintenance your site needs will depend on your business, target market and goals.

Make the most of Bizazz

Just do it

Get to know your website management system and use it.

Don't be afraid of the user manual: it's big, but you'll never need much of it. Topics are easy to find via the contents table or your computer's search function (Ctrl+F on a PC, Command+F on a Mac).

Ask us for help when you need it.

Keep content up to date & high quality

Fresh information and photos keep website visitors coming back and they keep your site's search engine rankings healthy.

Use high quality photos, especially of your products. Always check how your edited webpages look on a mobile phone.

It's often hard to find time to work on our websites. Know when to pay for webpage updates, rather than updating your website yourself too late (or never). You can contact us any time to make one off changes to your site. Or you can plan ahead with our Webpages+ service.

Webpages+ for Bizazz

An annual prepaid discount plan for webpage content updates (edit text and page layout, add photos & other images, new webpages, SEO, website content review).

  1. Set your own annual website maintenance budget and pay upfront. You'll receive a 12 1/2% discount on our usual webpage content rates.
  2. Provide us with your text/notes, photos & instructions any time during the year.

We'll do the rest.

To find out more or sign up for Webpages+, contact SuttonNet

Code matters

Your website needs to look great and function well on many operating systems, screen sizes and web browsers, on all versions (except the most archaic). That's the reason for the special webpage coding tools behind Bizazz.

Webpage editing is not the same as wordprocessing. You might find ways to lay out content that look right on your screen. But fudges create problems online.

Eg Instead of 'clear floats' you could press 'enter' many times, to force a paragraph below a photo. The resultant layout looks the same on your desktop as 'clear floats'. But on a phone, all those enter's create a looong blank space - maybe long enough to convince people there's nothing more to see on your page.

Can't see how to produce the layout that you want? Get in touch, and we'll get you on track.

Stay up to date with software

We often update Bizazz tools. Look closely at the right hand styles list, Snippet options and webpage editor icons. They might have changed since you last edited your website.

Nearly always, our new or updated tools are easier. Check the latest version of the manual if you're not sure how to use them.

If your website is more than 4 years old: ask us to check whether the responsive software and/or Bizazz interface need an upgrade.


How many brains are there in your business? If the answer is >1, encourage someone else to learn Bizazz. Website updates won't have to wait any more for one key person to have 'spare time'.

SuttonNet provides strong client support by phone or email. If we are visiting your area, ask us to ask us to visit your workplace. We can provide practical IT support, discuss your website needs & plans, or upgrade your employees' Bizazz CMS skills with a short training session.

Stick to your goals

Why do you have the website? Hopefully it's not to meet your DIY ambitions in IT.

Bizazz covers a huge range of website functions for high performance websites. At times you will need professional help to produce the best and most profitable outcome.

You haven't won if you save a few dollars and your pride, but your hours of work generate little or nothing for your business.

Think big

Growing websites for growing businesses

Your business defines your website; the website doesn't limit your business vision. Keep this in mind as your commercial needs and goals change.

Bizazz websites are designed to change and grow as your business grows. You can add much more, instead of developing a new site from scratch. That saves you time, grey hairs and money.

Feeling restricted?

Contact SuttonNet if you want the website management system to do more. Bizazz is versatile. We can quickly add site-specific touches for you, such as extra text colours or background colours. There are several levels of Bizazz; you might just need a more advanced version. Or your ideas could lead us to improve Bizazz software for all our clients.

If your site needs unique tools, we'll create customised web programs at reasonable rates.