Who's Who

At SuttonNet, we combine a wide range of experience and skills for website programming and management.

  • Bill Sutton

    Bill worked for many years on mainframe computers in key Commonwealth Government departments, where security and reliability were critical.

    After moving away from Canberra, Bill explored programming interests in cattle breeding, weatherfax reports, OS/2 and vector graphics, as well as undertaking contract IT work. Next came 15 years as a partner of a webhosting and development company. In 2013 Bill and his wife Diane set up SuttonNet.

    Bill does much of the technical stuff:

    • assess and plan projects
    • build and upgrade websites
    • custom programming
    • security certificate installation
    • web server management.

    Bill's special interest is developing custom applications for great ideas. We create and maintain our own web software, because what's 'out there' doesn't always meet our specifications or our clients' needs.

  • Diane Sutton

    Diane majored in linguistics, with a strong dose of pure mathematics as well. She worked in Canberra for the then Dept of Aboriginal Affairs, preparing Ministerial briefs and correspondence on a wide range of topics.

    Diane left the public service to concentrate on mothering. She homeschooled our two children for Years 7-10.

    Diane has had many roles in our local community, including breastfeeding counsellor, children's athletics coach, Pony Club instructor, Scripture teacher and committee positions in the local Chamber of Commerce.

    She has written newspaper and magazine articles, and won prizes for her creative writing (poetry and short stories).

    At SuttonNet, Diane's tasks include:

    • email hosting
    • domain registrations & renewals
    • webpage content
    • assisting Bill to develop new ideas or solve coding conundrums
    • policy documentation & manuals
    • accounts & administration.

    From time to time, she publishes a spiel or some poems on her own website.

  • Helen Sadler

    Helen works remotely from Sydney (Sydney being remote from the Snowy Mountains perspective). She edits webpages, concocts newsletters & training videos, creates graphics, helps Diane nut out marketing strategies and is our main graphic designer.

    Helen is studying architecture. She worked for many years in IT support & website maintenance for a missionary organisation.

  • John Walker

    John works with us on:

    • website development
    • research & development of inhouse software.

    John greatly enjoys programming for the mental challenge.

    He has been a farmer, researching land degeneration and soil health. He gained organic accreditation for his beef cattle and sheep enterprise. John sold his organic meat at community markets, through restaurants and local retailers and ran his own butcher's shop. John is a long term friend, fellow poet and counsellor/collaborator on soil management matters.

  • This John is not part of SuttonNet but....

    Our son John contributes business marketing and web design assistance from time to time. He designed our main website.

    John's real passion is music. He has a Masters degree in classical flute performance. He teaches woodwind and plays classical flute & piccolo. He also designed his own website. John, Naomi and our first grandchild Annelise live in Scotland.

  • This John is not part of SuttonNet either, but he works alongside us sometimes

    Another John! John Arnold is an accountant, database developer and IT support person on the NSW South Coast. We collaborate with John on various projects. He also supplies our low-noise (fanless) computers.

What else?

Bill and Diane live near Adaminaby in the Snowy Mountains area of NSW. We have horses and chooks.

The heart and focus of our lives is Jesus, our risen Saviour and Lord. This is reflected in every aspect of our work, including our financial and marketing practices, our standards for website content and our care of clients. We pray for and bless our clients and their businesses - not a service that every web developer offers!

Our children are John (married to Naomi) and Teresa.

Naomi works for a church, connecting with needy local people. John & Naomi's little daughter is Annelise. Teresa has a degree in agricultural business management and works for Ruralbank. She loves people, life and facing challenges.