Website Content

A website is only as good as its content (text and images).

Search engines and customers locate your site by its text content, not its good looks.

It is the quality of site content and how well it is structured that are critical in turning a site visitor's interest into action.

SuttonNet offers:

  • webpage copywriting, from your notes and brochures or from scratch
  • webpage content and layout editing
  • proofreading
  • improving use of keywords and key phrases
  • preparing and/or loading text and photos for your new website
  • reviews and recommendations on website content.

Search Engine Optimisation

We believe that search engine optimisation is mostly about commonsense, correct code and good writing skills.

It is our experience and that of our clients, that a well structured site with well written content will rank highly in searches.

SEO need not be a hugely expensive exercise: but it is critical.

Frequent new content is a must, for search engine robots and for drawing site visitors back to your site. A good site can slip in its search rankings if its content is not updated.

There are potentially profitable websites which fail to deliver, due to content which is poorly structured, poorly chosen or never updated. This means a wasted investment in website development and hosting costs.

For a few business categories, there is huge competition and it is hard to be near the top of search results. SuttonNet can advise you on the best approach.

Website Appraisal

SuttonNet encourages our clients to compare their websites with:

Perhaps your website's content was designed for an earlier stage of your business and could now do with an overhaul. Or maybe your website attracts plenty of visitors, but that doesn't translate into sales.

SuttonNet can review your website content for you and recommend improvements to its flow (eg menu structure, ecommerce pages), webpage layout, text and images.

Webpage Copywriting & Images

Website text needs to be clear and logical. It should be pitched at a level that your customers will understand and will enjoy reading.

Photos need to be good quality, and cropped and processed with discernment.

Not everyone has a way with written words, or an eye for typo's. And not everyone has time to get their website wordperfect, or to prepare photos and other images for publication.

SuttonNet can update your site quickly and our rates are reasonable. We also prepare webpage copy (from your notes or from our research), and we improve webpage layout so that reading is more likely to convert to action.

Small website changes such as address updates, menu names or uploading several photos are often covered by our webhosting and service fee.

Content Management System

All SuttonNet designed websites have a cms available.

We find that clients who make frequent updates to their websites benefit most from having a content management system. The client becomes accustomed to the cms and can make updates quickly. A cms is essential for an ecommerce site which has new stock every month; or for a client who keeps close tabs on their web statistics and makes frequent small changes to keep their website high in SE rankings.

But a cms isn't always the best or most cost effective answer for all website owners, or for all changes:

  • add up the time it takes you to learn how to use the cms, and to load photos and text
  • the more features you want to use on your webpages, the more you will need to learn
  • consider whether you could use those hours more profitably on the business that you know best
  • if you are after a complex layout, it's likely that an expert could produce a better result in a shorter time
  • if product photos or webpages urgently need updating, and you are in the middle of a busy period, get help rather than risk losing sales.

In short, there'll be times when it's better to consult SuttonNet, and times when you can happily make your own changes.

But don't let your website's quality suffer because you are determined to do it all yourself: know when to call the experts. DIY won't always save you money!

Reviewing and updating content regularly helps to maintain your site's search ranking and keep your website effective.

Maybe you have the right content, but it just needs to be presented differently: re-ordered, arranged into accordions or columns, add buttons or text links.

It's cheaper than a new website.

On this page we cover some 'content' topics for you to think about:

  • Search Engine Optimisation - it needn't cost you a fortune
  • Have Your Website Reviewed by a Professional - is your website communicating as it should?
  • Webpage Copywriting & Images - when you need help
  • Content Management System - moneysaver or timewaster? It depends on your business.

Every small business owner likes to keep costs down; it's all coming out of our own pockets! And sometimes there's a little personal pride involved: 'I can do it all by myself'. But don't let your website and your business suffer as a result.