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Endings & Beginnings

  • We have found a graphic designer, Rebekah Bell, who works in well with SuttonNet's vision. Her first web design for us is just about to be published.
  • SuttonNet's newlook website is under construction. Brief will be with the graphic designer as soon as we have finalised the specs.
  • We have set up an upgraded test server in our office, and are looking into Australian options for setting up our next webserver. (Currently we work with a server provider in US/Canada.) The computer which holds all your websites needs fabulously fast and reliable Internet connection, expert 24/7/365 technical support, and excellence in hardware and software. That's not as easy to find as it sounds.
  • Our son and daughter-in-law are off to Scotland. John will do postgraduate studies in classical flute performance.

The first Christmas was a beginning of unbelievable proportions. God-with-us! The Maker stooped to enter his creation. This world could never be the same.

What was to come of it? Mary had the warning when Jesus was still a young baby: 'A sword will pierce your heart'.

That first Christmas led to Easter and the cross...


I reluctantly resigned as Chair of the local Chamber of Commerce. I needed more time and mental space, particularly while our parents need support.

I enjoyed being part of the Chamber committee for the good company, shared enthusiasm and the hope of growing something good in our community. Letting a vision die is painful.

Death has been a recurring theme lately, among our family and friends. Deaths of friends, dementia, brain tumour and other disintegration which we humans are powerless to stop.


Yet the flame robin danced on our verandah all winter, and he still dances.

This enticing prophet parades and taps at our window during work or prayer, especially when we battle through 'impossible' issues and decisions. He brings an encouraging message of day and light and life.

He turns up too when we work in the garden or spend time with the horses, rejoicing with us.

The cross led to resurrection.

Welcome to the beginning.

And welcome, King Jesus!

On Verandahs

a verandah
is not just to cool a house
from the breath of sundragons,
not just a place
for worn chairs and worn feet
or messy grandchildren

a verandah
cradles wisteria, honeysuckle
or native jasmine

which cradle
birds of paradise

who sing glories
and hop hope
on the strangest of days,
and poop carelessly
on our plans

© Diane Sutton 2016