SuttonNet Website Development Project

Upgrade Small Ecommerce Website to Responsive Design on Modern Software

Brief: Upgrade, which sells 2 products,  to a responsively designed mobile site on Bizazz software. Only minimal changes desired for site graphics and content.

The Challenge: This was an old site which had had only minimal updates to software or content. Its antique-look graphic design (including menu) was appropriate to the product, but the graphics would not translate well to mobile phones. Their use in menus lowered the site's response to online searches. The logo was poorly reproduced on the website and needed simplifying for phones.

The products (miniature working steam engines) are highly rated in online reviews. Happy customers have put videos of their Steamco engines in operation on Youtube. This was a marketing resource which was not being utilised.

The Result: The mobile friendly version using Foundation5 has a simpler look for logo, menus and buttons but retains the classic styling. This has given the site a facelift without any graphic design costs.

Menu buttons have been redeveloped as text.

We recommended adding video links to the website to show the products in use, as well as new photos. There are now Youtube links on the home page.

The software upgrade also allowed our clients to add new payment options including Paypal.

At our suggestion, the clients decided to change packaging to achieve much lower overseas shipping rates.

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