SuttonNet Website Development Project

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Brief: Convert existing large ecommerce site to cleaner look with excellent performance on a wide range of tablets. Minimal alteration to site functions and webpage layout. Improve wording of complex instructions to buyers.

The Challenge: Most of this business's customers use tablets, not mobile phones, for purchases online. The owner did not want to vary the site's product layout, which his customers knew and liked.

The range of tablet brands, operating systems and screen specifications is huge and there are few standards.

Stamp sales involve thousands of products with sub- and cross-classifications. The site has a very large and complex menu structure. The menus and submenus would not fit some tablet screens.

The stamp specifications have many variables; each product webpage is in a wide table format with colour coding, and extends down through hundreds of wide lines of products. When a buyer went to the shopping cart or moused over the menu without clicking on it, they would lose their place on the long page.

The Result: We incorporated an independent scrollbar into dropdown menus and adjusted the product tables to fit an average tablet screenwidth on landscape orientation. The site was tested on various tablets, and fixes were programmed in to work around their idiosyncrasies.

The page header on the product pages (with the crucial column headings and instructions) is static while the webpage content scrolls through, so that headings for stamp specs remain visible no matter where the visitor is on the page.

After a stamp is purchased, the site returns the visitor to the same page and the same place on that page, so that they can continue browsing through related stamps.

We simplified the site background, replaced some graphics with better stamp images and recommended clarifications to buyer's instructions, which the site owner is gradually implementing.

Content of this website is fully maintained by the owner. Product information is uploaded via spreadsheet.


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