SuttonNet Website Development Project

Responsively Designed Website for Adaminaby NSW:

Brief: New responsively designed site with content management system for use by tourists and locals, with:

  • area, tours and heritage trail maps
  • classified business directory
  • events listing
  • local organisations' and emergency contacts
  • information pages on the area and activities
  • online application form for site listings
  • easy maintenance of listings, to ensure they are uniformly presented and accurate
    links to tourist and general interest sites for the area
  • copyediting for selected pages
  • scope for expanding site features in future.

The Challenge: Our local Chamber of Commerce had 2 websites which were ancient and hard to update. A fast mobile friendly site was a high priority for this tourism-dependent community. With a small and varying Chamber membership, ongoing site management was a critical concern.

The town logo, featuring the town's iconic Big Trout, was the obvious choice for a unique site graphic. However, it would not fit onto a phone sized menu bar.

The Result: Imagination and graphic manipulation skills combined to produce a modified version of the logo used only for phones. It neatly overlaps the menu bar and does not reduce the content visible on a small screen. The full logo appears on the desktop view.

Google map links are usually simple. We hit an unexpected problem: the town of Adaminaby is not shown on Google maps, except on extreme zoom-in. Depending on the version of Google Maps which we used, we could either mark the spot with a standard town marker but not label it with a name; or put the name on the map but only use a 'point of interest' marker, not identify it as a township. Neither option was satisfactory for a tourist destination! So we wrote our own script. Adaminaby and surrounding small localities are marked prominently as real townships with their names displayed on all the maps accessed from this website.

Maps on the site can show the site visitor's own location along the route.

Businesses' contact details are automatically stored in a database upon online submission. Details are checked manually before publication to the site. Business listings are published via a form in the content management system, and displayed in a standard format. This function uses the same code that we developed for ecommerce products.

Local organisations and individuals are encouraged to submit material, which is prepared for publication by nominated Chamber representatives. Several committee members were trained to use the cms. They work in consultation with SuttonNet to present the site at its best. We can send draft webpages to each other using the cms for editing or comment.

We assisted the Chamber with developing privacy, site management and acceptable site content policies, as well as procedures to help keep listings up to date.

Check out Adaminaby and Lake Eucumbene's website.

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