SuttonNet Websites

SuttonNet develops and upgrades a wide range of websites for ecommerce and other applications. Here are some of our projects.

namebadges2go online badge designer and salesA new website with a new concept in online design and sales of name badges.

Extensive collaboration between client and developer has seen this 'good idea' become reality.

The online badge designer works on all size screens. Customers can log in to order more badges instantly, without needing to re-load their company logo or repeat badge specs.

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Screenshot of National Maritime College website A cleanlooking, large ecommerce website selling boat courses; but its real strength lies beneath the surface.

Records for boating training are managed via website database, online forms and secure staff login area.

A complex selection of courses, locations and dates are managed on the site.

Fully maintained by the site owner.

Visit this site, a musician's websiteGraphic design and text by our son John; evocative photos of John with flute & piccolo by a photography enthusiast and in-law of his.

Consultation for this website and cms training for John to add and lay out content were managed entirely via phone and email. John lives on the other side of the globe from us.

Still to be added to this site: a blog. Currently the site links to John's personal blog on another website.

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Screenshot of SCDCS website

A large mobile friendly website (over 160 pages plus many PDF's) for tradies and DIY home handypeople.

Graphic design by Leah Newman.

This website ranks highly on searches for concreting materials and equipment.

Visit this site screenshotA large ecommerce website selling name badges with a huge range of options. Graphics are by an external designer.

Accordion style questions lead the customer through layers of options, including design-your-own badge online. The customer uploads badge artwork (eg company logo) and names for printing.

This site has many customised additions to the backend, to manage job prioritising, badge printing and despatch.

Soon to be upgraded to a new mobile friendly site.

More about this project Visit this site desktop mobile phone view A responsively designed community information site with content management system for our local Chamber of Commerce.

With a small and changing Chamber membership, easy site management was critical.

Businesses' contact details are submitted online and automatically stored in a database. Details can be checked manually, before publication to the website in a standardised format. This function uses the same code that we developed for ecommerce products.

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An existing website was converted to our Bizazz software. The site's look was retained, but functionality improved.

Includes virtual tours of the lodge and links to an online booking system.

After conversion to Bizazz, this site leapt up search engine rankings without changing any content.

More about this project Visit this site mobile phone view screeenshot, desktop viewAn ecommerce website selling just 2 products (model steam engines). We upgraded an old website to be phone friendly, at minimal cost to this owner operated business.

We realised that postage rates to certain key countries were a deterrent. So we advised our client to investigate other packaging. A suitable lighter alternative was found and this reduced overseas postage costs markedly.

*Under new ownership, the ecommerce is temporarily suspended.

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This long established ecommerce site (of 20 000 products) was upgraded for a cleaner look, with excellent performance on a wide range of tablets.

Our client did not want to vary the site's product layout, which his customers are familiar with. His customer base uses tablets rather than mobile phones for their online purchases, so phone layout was not part of the brief.

The site has thousands of products with sub- and cross-classifications, very long webpages and broad tables. It is fully maintained by the site owner.

Despite the long product tables, headings for all stamp description columns always remain visible.

After a stamp is ordered, the website returns to the same place as before on the same product page, so that the customer can keep browsing through related stamps.

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