SuttonNet Website Development Project

Ongoing Website Support and Development for Major Ecommerce Site

Badgeworld's website is a complex ecommerce site which allows customers to order their own name badges online.

Customers choose from multiple layers of options including design-your-own, and upload their own artwork (eg company logo) and names to be printed onto the badges.

Accordion style questions lead a customer through each step of the design process. It's easy and fun to use.

The ecommerce system accommodates return customers and re-use of artwork submitted previously. It also has a delayed payment option; badges can be ordered in bulk, but delivered and paid for in smaller batches as required. This helps customers to take advantage of bulk discounts.

Our client has had Bill develop many customised additions for the site's ecommerce administration, such as sales spreadsheet upload to the business's accounting software and detailed job progress reports. Staff love this system, which has simplified their work and helped to lower turnaround times. is continually monitored by its owner. Listening to customer feedback has led to small improvements in areas such as invoice wording and the position of action buttons on product design pages. Attention to such details pays off.

Bill first developed this site on an earlier version of our inhouse software, with graphics prepared by an outside designer. He has made many small changes to the website as the business has grown.  An upgrade to make this site mobile friendly is planned for the near future.

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